New York Lotto:
You’d Make a Way Better Rich Person
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The New York Lottery
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  • – Printed Field Guide – Rich People of New York You’d Be Way Better Than, If You Were Rich
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“I have such enormous respect for these creatures. Which is why I stuff ’em and hang ’em on the walls.”

Everyone knows that the eccentric rich people of New York spend their money in ridiculous ways.

They buy caviar that they forget to eat.
They take baths in wine.
They put their fists through Picassos just to see how it feels. 

And that’s why you’d make a way better rich person. 

Built around a 102-page printed field guide and a website that uses a fun multi-choice quiz to help visitors figure out exactly which rich person of New York they’d be most better than, this campaign illustrates the foibles of people who have lost all semblance of common sense because they simply have too much money. People you’d be way better than, if you were rich. Which you might become by playing New York Lotto.

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