I am an award-winning creative director in New York whose recent clients include the Lincoln Motor Company, Microsoft and New York Lottery. I specialize in branding and integrated campaigns where I can take a Big Idea and translate it into a spectrum of offerings and iterations, from TVC to digital to social.

I was first published at 18. I’ve written about everything from Japan’s underground sex trade to illegal pitfights where brawlers bloody each other in dockside warehouses. My work has appeared in the Atlantic, Playboy, Rolling Stone and numerous other publications.

I was in a band for some years. Capitol Records gave us some money. We toured some places in a van which we spent a lot of time loading stuff into and out of. Interpol once opened for us. Backstage, they got into an argument with each other where one of them said, in a really whiny voice, “All I’m saying is, I just want to be acknowledged!” Then another one of them hit on my girlfriend and passed out in a chair. We made fun of them, which tells you how much we knew about the music industry. I learned hard-won lessons in branding, collaboration and promotion. If your art isn’t generating commerce, in ideas if not currency, then it doesn’t exist. This is the riddle of advertising: how to solve business problems with creative output. I devise new answers every day.

I’ve worked with the commercial Web since its inception, making websites, digital experiences and immersive environments. I’ve owned and co-owned two digital shops, handling scores of successful projects for clients ranging from Whole Foods to CAT Footwear.

I’ve taught classes at DePaul University in game design, digital media and history.

I’m a rare cut of meat.