Citizen Verizon Volunteer Platform
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What could you accomplish with just one hour?

Giving back to the community, improving the environment and democratizing technology are integral values for Verizon. So the company undertook a massive redesign of its volunteer website Citizen Verizon around three core pillars — human prosperity, climate protection and digital inclusion — with the goal of contributing 2.5M volunteer hours by the year 2025.

I worked with a select internal team as the copy CD / head writer re-envisioning Citizen Verizon from the ground up. Citizen Verizon allows users to find and sign up for volunteer events, even creating their own, in increments as short as one hour. So mid-pandemic, at a time when repairing the ails of the world seemed beyond daunting, I focused on the concept of utilizing just a single hour and what a person could accomplish with only that small sacrifice. “What could you do with one hour?” became the guiding theme of the site.

As a high-visibility project with many stakeholders, it involved constant deadlines and scrutiny across a layer cake of management. We covered hundreds of wireframes, scores of use cases, even the script and editing of a galvanizing anthem video. Our choices had to be thoughtful, inclusive, and most important, action-oriented.

The results speak for themselves: Verizon is currently ahead of schedule at 1.6M+ hours across more than 95K volunteers.

In an era when corporate responsibility is more vital than ever before, the Citizen Verizon platform is driving meaningful change and making a real difference.

The Citizen Verizon platform highlights the focus of Verizon’s volunteer endeavors — human prosperity, climate protection and digital inclusion —
while providing searchable opportunities for local involvement, event creation, and even time-tracking features.
Emphasizing ease of participation with a can-do spirit, the site makes volunteering virtually frictionless.