Sustain Beauty / Grow Beautiful
Global Sustainability Campaign
  • – Strategy
  • – Brand Platform, Tagline
  • – Narrative Development
  • – Campaign Development
  • – Video
  • – Collateral
How do you spread the message that your brand is sustainable? Grow beautiful.

Davines faced a unique challenge. Among hair care brands, they stood alone in their commitment to sustainable production, biodiversity and ethical sourcing. They used organic ingredients selected from local farmers and cooperatives. They even saved a legacy tomato variety that was thought to be extinct, and used its extracts in their formulary.

Yet nobody knew about it.¬†People liked the products, they just didn’t know the backstory. And Davines had a story to love.

Working with Someoddpilot, I pored over sustainability documents and past campaigns, learned about carbon sequestration and Italy’s “slow food” movement, and spent hours with the family members who had run the business from Parma, Italy, for the last four decades. I came to an intimate understanding of not just the brand’s intended message but the deep commitment behind it.

What resulted was the brand platform and campaign,¬†“Sustain Beauty / Grow Beautiful.” Through video, social and OOH, we connected Davines to its roots and spread a sustainable message organically.

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To capture the essence of the brand, we used evocative, dreamlike photography of young people in nature unadorned.
Incorporating luscious close-ups of the organic ingredients used to make Davines products.
Paired with copy that brings humanity and nature together in a way that’s visceral, tactile, nurturing.