Head Out
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Smith Optics
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There’s only one way to see what’s beyond the horizon — Head Out.

Smith Optics is known for its ChromaPop™ lenses, an innovation allowing unprecedented depth perception in flat grey and whiteout weather conditions. (As an avid snowboarder, I can attest to their vivid greatness.)

The brand wanted to build awareness while spreading the word about their cross-category product releases across biking, eyewear and snow — sunglasses, helmets, apparel and other gear centered on protecting and enhancing the most important component in outdoor sports, your noggin.

So with the team at SomeOddPilot, I developed a campaign that empowered Smith Optics to own something unprecedented: the head itself.

The Head Out campaign works on many levels. People head out into adventure sports to get out of their heads. To find a headspace that’s integral to better living. Here, protection and clear vision are critical. Smith Optics focuses on your head — keeping it safe, letting it breathe, empowering you to get it out there — so you too can Head Out.

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We wanted to capture the feeling of being inside the action through the eyes of the participant — from the head out.
Framing the brand’s vision through the eyes of active users, we switched the focus from pros to the consumers themselves.
The perspective is the user’s, from their head out.