Onward, Internet!
Agency Promotion
Awards & Recognition
  • – Webby honoree for ‘Websites (Weird)’
  • – Video
  • – Website
Just an animated video about the Internet. Because awesome. jk rotfl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Internet is an amazing place. So the digital agency POSSIBLE made a campaign for it.

Coinciding with the FCC’s public comment period on the future of a free and open Internet, POSSIBLE set up Internet Suggestion Boxes with ambassadors in public spaces like New York’s Union Square asking people what they wanted from the Internet of the future.

(Surprise, everyone wants it to be free. Sometimes very angrily.) 

For the campaign’s digital component, I devised and wrote the script for the flagship video as well as sitewide copy for 

Watch the amazing animation of ‘Onward, Internet!’
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Live experiential pop-up Suggestion Boxes were backed by a website with a virtual suggestion box.