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The brand redefined luxury hotels.
The site changed the industry.

Barry Sternlicht wanted to introduce a new boutique chain with the same market-changing impact made by his previous luxury juggernaut, W Hotels. He wanted a brand interwoven with the fabric of its environment, where each property is part of the local culture.

So we branded 1 Hotels as a hospitality concept embodying not just rooms but the natural spaces and neighborhoods that surround them. And the 1 Hotels site revolutionizes the booking experience by enabling guests to add on- and off-property amenities, activities and events to their trip.

By changing a rote online transaction into a content-driven trip builder, the site does something more than selling rooms. It’s a digital curator and concierge that uses the elements of nature and place to provide adventures that surpass mere tourism.

The 1 Hotels site is drenched in nature and the unique character of each of the brand’s property locations.
As visitors drill down, neighborhood-specific amenities, content and add-ons are included by categories
built around the senses — taste, touch and so on.