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Bathe in uninterrupted luxury

In a $10B+ market crowded with bespoke bathtubs and concrete sinks, Vast Studio introduced itself to the world with a product line made using the same materials and techniques employed by the craftsmen of old Morocco who once sculpted the walls of hammam bathhouses and royal palaces.

The brand needed to address not just the usual tropes of luxury — indulgence, exclusivity, the value of thoughtful design — but also the ideals of a new era embodied by sustainable methods and lighter-weight materials. The founders wanted to extend the sensation of the ancient luxury of bathing, the original immersive experience, throughout their brand.

So I built their brand presence with a tactile sensibility using language that envelopes the viewer in the feel of surfaces and textures, in sumptuous descriptions of premium materials and the emotional essence behind the design of each product.

Paired with excellent photo- and videography from creative director Ryan White, the Vast Studio site is a refined showcase for an elevated in-home experience, a tribute to the art of bathing.

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The Vast Studio site offers sublime photography paired with evocative product descriptions that amplify the brand.
As visitors delve further into the site, specific finishes and treatments are given rich descriptions, and an ‘about us’ reveals an in-depth design story.