Distributed Teams Collaboration Campaign
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Rule over your organization! is a cloud-based software platform that offers a versatile, robust management and organization-wrangling work OS. With $120M+ in revenues, the brand was already known for project management, but its software does so much more — and is scalable in the extreme.

Amid the work-from-home boom, wanted to tout its ability to cross-collaborate with remote teams at a global magnitude. So I wrote a script that envisioned the most remote co-working teams on Earth — the Vikings — using to coordinate international business the conquest of Iceland.

(Word to the wise: don’t make Ragnar wait on your timesheets.)

Watch The Spot
Viking chieftain Ragnar Hersir completes his collaborating teams’ Iceland project — Go To Iceland, Explore Iceland, Conquer Iceland — and then updates everyone that ale has been acquired and distributed with one keystroke.